Dance4Life dinner 2017

Gideaux, chefs and sponsors prepared the annual dinner for Dance4Life.

Last friday night, together with our friends Gert Blom, Peter Gast, Dennis Kuipers, and Maurits van der Vooren, we prepared the annual dinner for Dance4Life. What an amazing event... Thank you so much for the support, fun and for leaving your restaurants (Amarone, Schultenhues, Vinkeles, Latour) that evening for Dance4Life. Together we have served 1000 beautiful and tasteful plates for the friends of Dance4Life.



Also we would like to thank our sponsors who made this dinner possible; Hanos for all the lovely ingredients, Pieter van Meel for the pigeon, Vanilla Venture for the dried strawberries, Belcolade for the chocolate, Mal Foodshapping for the mold, Marijn Roovers for the design of the mold, De Heeren van Montfoort and De BallenBar for the snacks later that evening and Pixiocard for the menucards. Without your support we would not have been able to make it possible, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience... 




Gido and Anne