Dance4Life event June 30th 2017

Dance4Life, Gideaux and friends proudly presents the annual gala dinner.

At Gideaux we believe strongly in the value of giving back to society and being part of good initiatives, which helps those in need and consequently. Gideaux have this year chosen to be part of the annual Dance4Life gala event, which this year takes place in the Hilton Amsterdam Hotel.


Dance4Life is an organization, which works with youths worldwide in order to help them achieve a better future and prevent HIV/AIDS. They provide sexual education and use music and dance as a way to attract and inspire these youths.

Gideaux & Friends

To help Gideaux with the creation of an amazing menu for this event, the assistance of chefs and companies within our network was needed. Dennis Kuipers (Restaurant Vinkeles Amsterdam), Peter Gast (Schultenhues Peter Gast Gastrobar), Gert Blom (Restaurant Amarone) and Maurits van der Vooren (Restaurant Latour) have all volunteered their services and they will cook some of their signature dishes.

Hanos, De Ballenbar, Belcolade, Pieter van Meel, Vanilla Venture, De Heeren van Montfoort, Mal Food Shaping & Presentation, Marijn Roovers and Pixiocard have all sponsored ingredients and other services needed for the evening.

We at Gideaux are very proud and thankful for all the support, we have received in our network.