Hidde for Gideaux

Is a collaboration between top patissier Hidde de Brabander and top chocolatier Gido van der Kamp.

"Hidde de Brabander is the man behind the creation of Dreams of Magnolia. Through his broad education in both confectionery and in the highest-grade restaurants, he has created a unique blend to drop the patisserie Dreams of Magnolia is in its own style. In addition to the manufacturing and own innovation Hidde is engaged in product development for several other companies and he teaches at schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. "

Hidde and Gideaux known each other for some time. Through their joint references they came increasingly to the world of pastry together. At a certain moment, they are going to brainstorm on the merging of their combined qualities and to form them to an intensive cooperation.

An exclusive line of macarons and nougat for Gideaux has emerged, in which special and distinctive flavor combinations are created by Hidde and Gideaux.

This cooperation is based on strengthening each other's qualities, the passion for pastry and remain progressive in the world of pastry.

In future they promise to further develop this cooperation and to continue to make pretty intense flavor combinations.

Hidde de Brabander