About Gideaux

High- end chocolate design by Gideaux

Chocolate brand Gideaux is owned by Gido van der Kamp. Van der Kamp designs, produces and delivers luxurious chocolate creations to restaurants, hotels and companies in the Netherlands. His unique chocolate art  is being served at well-known establishments like the luxurious Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam, michelin-starred restaurant Amarone in Rotterdam and the renowned restaurant & foodbar Schultenhues in Zutphen as well as other restaurants and hotels around the Netherlands. His unique chocolate art is furthermore sold through Hanos.

Signature chocolate

After more than three years of pioneering in the high- end chocolate design industry. Van der Kamp thought it would be time to show his passion to a bigger audience and so he started Gideaux. Allowing chocolate lovers to experience the unique easter creations, delicious bon-bons and to discover the signature chocolate flavours by Gideaux.

As creativity and constant development is part of the philosophy of Gideaux, it is always possible to develop new and exciting chocolates to any restaurant's, company's or hotel's special needs. If you are interested in our custom made offerings, please see more info under contact and contact us for a personal consultation with Van der Kamp.

Gideaux Cacao